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Seahorses & Pipefish

Seahorses & Pipefish

Seahorses & Pipefish are some of the oceans most delicate and majestic creatures.

Usually reserved for intermediate and more advanced fish keepers these slow moving, ambush predators feed best on frozen prepared foods such as brine and mysis but can be difficult and finicky feeders at first. Best kept with limited feeding competition, these fish will benefit from the addition of vitamins and amino acid supplements such as a marinade like *Seachem vitality, or an inclusive frozen preparation such as the *Ocean Nutrition Formula options.

Extra filtration is key as these fish do not have stomachs in which to hold food. This means regular small feeds are required throughout the day to sustain their dietary needs as they absorb all of their nutrition on the first passing.

All of our fish are weaned and feeding on prepared foods, including frozen, before sale. The majority of fish are used to eating flakes and pellets before sale but some species are required only to eat frozen or liquid feeds. We feed them on a variety of Ocean nutrition formula feeds and Aqua Forest Liquid feeds such as plankton elixir and liquid mysis.

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