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Triggerfish are amazing and interesting fish, although few are reef safe.

Generally predatory, these stunning and inquisitive fish will gladly eat your favourite shrimps, crabs, snails, clams etc if you are not careful, even if they do not actively target your corals. Some varieties such as the blue throat are definitely considered coral safe, but this blanket description does not include shrimps and other vulnerable prey that constitute our more inclusive description of a reef.

Generally quite large in size when fully grown, these fish aren't great in small tanks either. They can be quite aggressive and issue a nasty nip if provoked, whether that is by another fish or an intrusive human hand.

They will need to be housed with similarly aggressive species, all equally weary of each other's temperament if provoked. Triggers, Puffers, Lionfish, Surgeonfish, Angelfish, and larger Damselfish may be good choices.