Acropora 'sp. GARDEN'

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The Acropora sp. Coral Garden boasts a diverse array of three stunning species, creating a vibrant and dynamic reef landscape. With their branching structures and intricate polyp formations, these corals offer a captivating display of colours, from soft pastels to vibrant hues. To ensure their health and vitality, maintain stable water parameters: temperature (23-26°C), salinity (1.023-1.025), and pH (8.1-8.4). Provide intense lighting and moderate to high water flow for optimal growth. Regular supplementation of calcium, alkalinity, and trace elements is essential. With proper care and attention to detail, this Acropora coral garden will thrive, becoming a breath-taking centrepiece in your marine aquarium.

Scientific Name - Acropora sp. - 'Garden'

  • Care Level: Intermediate
  • Light Level: High intensity
  • Flow Level: Medium to high
  • Aggression: Aggressive - Can sting and dominate other nearby SPS Corals

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