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AF Carbon Boost 250ml



A professional supplement of easily digestible carbon intended for aquarium plants. AF Carbon Boost is a perfect fertilizer for everyday use. It can be used both as the main method of carbon supplementation and as an additive supporting an existing CO2 installation. Carbon is the base of all organic compounds, it is essential for the intensive growth of plants. Too low carbon content in water leads to the inhibition of plant growth and development. Regular use of AF Carbon Boost provides plants with the right amount of carbon in its most absorbable form, thus effectively replenishing its deficiencies. AF Carbon Boost helps keep the aquarium in good condition and provide attractive, healthy looking plants. Due to pH stabilizing capabilities, AF Carbon Boost is extremely helpful in combating algae. Specifically recommended for heavily planted aquariums.


In the aquarium: for small amount of plants: 1 ml AF Carbon Boost per 100 litres of water daily; for average amount of plants: 1 ml AF Carbon Boost per 50 litres of water daily; for large amount of plants: 1 ml AF Carbon Boost for 25 l water daily. Only for aquatic purposes. Protect from sunlight. Keep at room temperature in a tightly closed container, keep out of reach of children.