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Aqua Vogue 245


All AquaVogue models are top quality fish tanks with elegant design.

They feature state of the art LED lighting, with white, RGB and blue night light LEDs. Lighting effects, including blue night light, can all be controlled by the touch control on the top of the light unit.

You can purchase the base unit only (tank, cabinet and lighting) or optionally select an add on filter/heater pack. We offer an internal filter pack and an external pack to complete your aquarium set.

Available in 3 sizes from 135 litres, 170 litres to 245 litres and in 3 colour options white, black and oak.

Key Features:

  • Class and quality from any angle
  • Modern design and excellent build quality
  • Full spectrum LED lighting featuring touch control switch with built in digital timer
  • Blue moon night light feature
  • Top quality cabinets, manufactured in the UK, available in 3 colour options
  • Now available as just a base unit (tank, cabinet and light unit), or optionally with either an internal or external filter pack


Model: AquaVogue 245

Volume In Litres: 245

Dimensions: 120W x 45D x 55H cm

Glass Thickness: 8mm

Aquarium Colour: Black

Cabinet Model: AquaVogue 245 Cabinet

Cabinet Colour: Nash Oak/Black, or Gloss Black/Grey, or Gloss White/Grey

Cabinet Dimensions: 120W x 45D x 75H cm

Heater: 300W

Lighting: LED

Filtration: External Filter Pack (Ocellaris 850 & 300W heater), or
Internal Filter Pack (104F Maxi & 300W heater)