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Bloodfin Glass Tetra (Prionobrama filligera)


Bloodfin tetra make excellent specimens for the community and planted aquarium. A hardy and peaceful, but active shoaling species, these naturally translucent tetra display bright red caudal fins and add subtle interest throughout the aquarium. We find they add particularly special and natural flare to a heavily planted tank.

These fish like company and do well in larger shoals. We recommend 10+ but a minimum of 6 is required to mimic natural shoaling behavior and to reduce the stress of feeling vulnerable. Lots of plant cover, live or artificial, is also beneficial if you want the fish to feel as comfortable as possible and display the brightest red colouration. 

Relatively long lived these hardy tetra can live 10 years reaching 6cm under perfect conditions. Their hardiness allows them to acclimate to temperate conditions (18-23C) if required but they are usually best kept in tropical temperatures up to 27 degrees Celsius.