D-D Reef Pro 1200

Colour: Carbon Oak
Sump Design: Standard Sump (Mechanical Filter Bags)
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Our favourite Reef Tanks here at Aquatech, the D-D Reef Pro aquarium range does not compromise in terms of design, functionality or quality. With seven UK manufactured cabinet options including modern oak finishes, matt, satin and ultra high gloss, you will be hard-pressed not to find your perfect match.

The brace-less, Low Iron Glass Tanks are manufactured to perfection right here in the UK and offer a unique size range which has a balanced height to width ratio which is easier to maintain while also suitably easy on the eyes. The depth, back to front, allows easy and systematic coral placement which we think optimises and enhances the viewing of the established aquarium, allowing for an easy aquascape with many shelves for corals throughout the depth of view.

The range includes an excellent functional sump design with the option of a perfectly fitted ClariSea filter roll mechanical filter, generous R.O top up reservoir, skimmer and reactor chamber, as well as a refugium space, all combined with the quality pipework, unique hidden overflow weir with dry cable outlet for hiding wires from pumps and other equipment, and the stunning finish with extra thick cabinet... This range simply oozes quality throughout and we feel they have really thought of everything when designing this system, so it definitely gets our stamp of approval as one of the best reef tanks out there...

We choose to pair these tanks with the ClariSea Sump and ClariSea Gen 3 Auto roller mechanical filter for best results, with amazing water clarity and maximum filtration efficiency, but options also include the Manual ClariSea Roller or Mechanical Filter Socks/Bags if you prefer.

Here's what D-D have to say...

D-D Reef-Pro 1200

As hobbyists, with each new aquarium that we own we learn how to identify and improve small details in the design and incorporate these ideas into our next 'perfect system'.

With the D-D Reef-Pro Aquarium we have taken decades of continuous improvements and incorporated them into our own version of the 'perfect system', affordable and suitable for both beginners or advanced aquarists.

The flexible design provides an easy to use robust system that can be tailored to suit even the most demanding aquarist and includes all of the essential features required for keeping a successful aquarium.

System Highlights


  • Crystal clear, braceless aquarium with full polished edges to give an unimpeded view of your own personal reef.
  • Balanced width to height ratio to enhance viewing, aquascaping and ease of coral placement.
  • Unique 'Invisible weir box' design in black glass which almost disappears into the back of the aquarium.
  • Multi-stage weir design provides a high turnover rate in the tank whilst minimising drain down levels in a power loss situation.
  • Special 'Ultra-Flow' weir comb allows 30-50% more water through, so that larger flow rates can be used.
  • Twin overflow pipes offer safe, silent operation.
  • “Dry Box “ built into weir section to hide and pass through any pump and lighting cables.
  • Perfectly matched for use with the D-D Slimline lighting bracket and AquaIllumination lighting.


  • Sleek, extra tall cabinet that offers the perfect viewing height for the aquarium.
  • Modern, heavy duty cabinet construction with high quality finish to compliment the home environment.
  • Extra height internal space for installation and maintenance of equipment.
  • Cabinet supplied pre-assembled as standard.
  • Removable quick release, bi-folding door to offer improved access for maintenance.
  • Lacquer coated, fully adjustable, soft close hinges.
  • Adjustable feet to allow correct levelling of the aquarium on uneven floors.
  • Good ventilation incorporated into the chiller and sump areas.
  • Separate chiller section with storage shelf included on larger models.


  • Twin filter socks with silencing plate. (1)
  • Lift out filter sock section for easy ClariSea installation. (1)
  • Large skimmer / equipment section. (2)
  • Refugium section for Caulerpa bed or for growing coral frags. (3)
  • Pump chamber. (4)
  • Large top-up reservoir. (5)
Sump Section

3D Computer Generated Images

Aquarium View

Braceless aquarium design from crystal clear, low iron high clarity glass.

Tank View

Extra tall cabinet to perfectly balance the aspect ratio of the aquarium.

3D Graphic

There are as many ideas about sump design as there are hobbyists.

Aquarium Features

Constructed from crystal clear, low iron high clarity glass, the aquarium features a braceless design, producing a clean and modern display with easy access for maintenance.

By designing the tank to be wider than it is tall we create a more balanced aspect ratio which greatly enhances the viewing experience, allowing easier and more natural aquascaping and coral placement.

An internal weir box can become an unattractive focal point in any aquarium, dictating aquascaping and interrupting flow patterns inside the tank.

With this in mind the "invisible weir box" of the PRO-Reef models has been carefully designed to minimise intrusion into the aquarium whilst exceeding the functionality found in most aquariums.

The Twin pipe overflow system allows almost silent running whilst the use of the D-D UltraFlow weir comb allows the maximum amount of waterflow without raising the water height in the aquarium.

More details on UltraFlow are provided further down this page.

D-D Reef-Pro 1200s White

Cabinet Features

The PRO-Reef cabinet is designed to be extra tall to perfectly balance the aspect ratio of the aquarium and is built for D-D in the U.K to ensure a consistent high quality.

The top, bottom and front structural uprights of the cabinet are made of 36mm board, making it extremely strong and rigid with excellent load bearing properties, giving the impression of a piece of furniture rather than just a simple tank cabinet. Note that as with any piece of furniture, spilled or standing water must be cleaned up immediately from the surface to prevent damage to the board.

The 1200 and 1500 models incorporate a separate storage or chiller section with an adjustable shelf.

The extra internal height inside the cabinet provides good headroom for use of taller equipment and benefits ease of maintenance. Access is further improved by incorporating removable quick release. double folding doors.

When installing any aquarium it is of the upmost importance to provide a level base, unlevelled cabinets can add stress the glass and can result in an uneven water level in the aquarium. The D-D aquarium cabinet design includes heavy duty adjustable feet allowing for full levelling of the cabinet and aquarium.

Sump Features

There are as many ideas about sump design as there are hobbyists.

D-D have many decades of experience in designing, building and running large successful aquariums and have combined this knowledge to produce what we believe is the perfect simple sump layout for the space available.

The ultra quiet twin pipe weir system is further refined by the first section of the sump, resulting in a silent water return with no splashing or gurgling. If using the standard filter sock arrangement, the water then overflows into a twin filter sock section which incorporates a diffused silencer plate to silence any water noise. The Reef Pro aquariums now come with a ClariSea ready sump. With this the filter sock section can be lifted out and replaced with a ClariSea unit with ease even when the aquarium is filled with water. The main overflow pipework provided will drop directly in to the ClariSea inlet fitting, so no cutting or changing of pipework is required.

After passing through the prefilter water flows Into two large equipment compartments. These chambers can both hold equipment such as skimmers, media reactors, calcium reactors etc or you can use one chamber as a refugium with caulerpa/cheato.

Here again there is flexibility to alternate these sections for those who prefer to skim before or skim after the refugium. The final section is a generous sized return pump compartment which sits beside the integrated water top off reservoir.

ClariSea Ready Sump

ClariSea Sump 3D
Standard Sump Heights
Colour Key

ClariSea Sump Dimensions
ClariSea in Sump


SYSTEM 365 litres 120 x 60 x 148 cm
TANK 300 litres 120 x 60 x 46 cm 12 mm
SUMP 65 litres 6 mm
CABINET 120 x 60 x 102 cm

Cabinet Finishes

There are currently 6 standard colours available for the cabinet however we are constantly looking for new finishes to add to the range.

We recommend that you return regularly to the site to see the latest options.

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