D-D 1500 Reef Equipment Bundle

Save £264.77

Light Pack (Inc Brackets): AI Hydra 64HD Black (x2)
Dosing Pump: H2Ocean Pro 4 Channel
Jump Guard: TC12075PRO
Sale price£2,382.89 Regular price£2,647.66


Here at Aquatech, we like to make things easy. That's why we have decided to put together a special package bundle of recommended products, to include all of the necessary equipment you could need to run your D-D Reef Pro or D-D Aqua Pro Reef aquarium optimally.

The bundle includes all of the necessary items like return pump, temperature control, water circulation, protein skimmer, auto top up and UV Steriliser, with options for lighting, jump guard protection and dosing pump for your corals.

To sweeten the deal, we have even included a tasty 10% discount when you buy your tank's equipment together :)

Bundle includes:

Return Pump Jecod DCP4000 RRP. £89.99 Deal Price £80.99
Heater & Temp Controller 650W D-D Titanium RRP. £124.98 Deal price £112.48
Protein Skimmer Deltec 1000i RRP. £449.99 Deal price£404.99
Auto Top Up Unit D-D Compact ATO RRP. £69.99 Deal Price £62.99
Water Circulation 2 x Jecod SOW 15 RRP. £215.98 Deal Price £194.38
UV Steriliser Deltec 20W RRP. £164.99 Deal price £148.49
Light Pack (Optional) x2 Hydra 64HD (Inc Brackets RRP. £1278.76 Deal price £1,150.88
Jumpguard Mesh Cover (Optional) TC18090PRO RRP. £59.99 Deal price £53.99
Dosing Pump (Optional H2Ocean Pro 4 Channel RRP. £299.99 Deal price £269.99

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