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EA Reef Pro 600 Cube S


EA Reef Pro aquariums by Evolution Aqua are some of the best marine aquarium systems available today. The 600 Cube is a 2ft cube aquarium made completely from low iron Opti white glass for maximum clarity. The near silent "Herbie" overflow design ensures optimal flow levels with minimal noise. Inclusive of the unique aluminium frame "AquaFrame" cabinet, this aquarium set is the most flexible in terms of design, with 16 options for cabinet colour including everything from various oak styles, to ultra high gloss acrylic finished black, white and metallic anthracite. The aluminium frame will not rust or oxidise and is extremely long lasting. Should you wish to change the cabinet panels in future (for eg to keep up with home redesign) then this is simple and easy to do, without having to empty the tank or move the fish or even switch the pumps off. A simple Alan key will remove the panels and a replacement set in one 16 colour options is both affordable and available to buy separately. The cabinet has adjustable feet to ensure you can correctly level your aquarium, without packing material underneath and compromising the cabinet.

The Ea Reef Pro comes with high quality rigid piping and boasts one of the best sump designs available. Adjustable height baffles offer equipment flexibility and allow you adjust the water level to suit skimmers and equipment, an integrate macro algae comb to allow a refugium and the largest auto top up reservoir of any competing aquarium sump.

eaReefPro600SCube Specifications


  • 600(L) x 600(W) x 600(H)mm


  • 223 Litres (Nett)


  • 10mm Ultra Clear Glass

  • Black silicone

  • Black vinyl wrap background

  • Black glass weir

  • Removable acrylic weir comb


  • 500(L) x 380(W) x 400(H)mm


  • 25 Litres (adjustable)

  • 17 Litres (Top-up reservoir)


  • Black silicone

  • 2 x adjustable height baffles

  • Unique macro algae comb


  • 600(L) x 600(W) x 900(H)mm


  • NEW AquaFrame - pre-assembled cabinets

  • EazySwap panels

  • 16 colours

  • 1 door

  • Soft close, push open


  • 19 and 25mm stepped hosetail

  • True double union ball valve

  • 3 pipe system

Suggested Equipment

With so much to choose from, picking the correct equipment to suit your aquarium and budget can be mind blowing! To help we have added some package options which include our favourite key pieces of equipment for this tank.

You can choose to add one of these options to your cart or individually search and add the equipment you prefer.


Lighting Equipment Deluxe Lighting Deluxe Equipment
1 x Kessil 360 WE Tuna Blue 1 X OCTO Classic 110 Skimmer 1 x Kessil 360x Tuna Blue 1 x OCTO Essence Skimmer
1 x Kessil Gooseneck 1 x OCTO VarioS 4 Pump 1 x Kessil Mounting Arm 1 x OCTO VarioS 4 Pump
1 x Kessil Spectral Controller 1 x OCTO OP2 Wave Pump 1 x Kessil Wifi Dongle 1 x OCTO OP2 WavePump
- - - 1 x OCTO Bio React 90
- - - 1 x OCTO Bio Pearls