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Reef Sys 255

AquaOne ReefSys 255 Reef Aquarium and Cabinet The AquaOne ReefSys aquariums are the new line of Marine tanks to the AquaOne Family.
It brings a prestigious high-quality aquarium combined with the elegant and modern design at a competitive price point. These aquariums are designed to give as much viewing pleasure without anything blocking the view. To do this, AquaOne have designed this open top and brace-less aquarium system and included a well designed and functional Sump for filtration with quality pvc pipe fittings, a herbie overflow design and tuneable gate valve for perfect flow. 
We at Aquatech love these new reef tanks from AquaOne and absolutely recommend them based on quality for price, as these tanks are some few £100s cheaper than similar brands for similar quality. 


Model: ReefSys 255

Aquarium Model: ReefSys 255

Volume In Litres: 255

Dimensions: 90W x 55D x 53H cm

Glass Thickness: 12mm

Cabinet Model: ReefSys 255 Cabinet

Cabinet Colour: Boston Concrete, Grey Nebraska Oak, Natural Nebraska Oak, Pasadena Pine, Matt White, Black Ash

Cabinet Dimensions: 90W x 55D x 80H cm

Filtration: Adjustable sump with filter sock

The ReefSys range is a beautiful, sleek aquarium; with 6 different cabinet colours and 4 different sizes, it will fit perfectly into any room. Each set comes complete with pipework and a customisable sump so that you can make sure it works just right for you and the media you prefer. 



Cabinet colour options:

Boston Concrete

Grey Nebraska Oak

Natural Nebraska Oak

Pasadena Pine

Matt White

Black Ash

Key Features:

  • Extraordinarily clear low iron glass
  • Extra depth front to back for amazing aquascaping possibilities
  • Superb cabinet collection manufactured in the UK to the highest standards
  • Six hand selected Egger finishes featuring soft silk matt and lifelike textured wood grains
  • Smooth push opening and soft closing door mechanism
  • Innovative sumps give ultimate flexibility to the consumer to adjust the chamber sizes as well as the height of water levels through movable plexiglass baffles
  • Sump is large enough to house large sophisticated protein skimmers, pumps, and any other equipment required
  • Central weir with twin overflow (standard downpipe plus emergency overflow)
  • Supplied pipework incorporates precision ball valve adjustment and two filter socks to polish the water
BrandAqua One
Tank size230 litres
FeatureWith Stand, Sump, Pipework & Saltwater Safe