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Seachem Cupramine 100ml

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Cupramine is an effective treatment for harmful ectoparasites such as Oodinium (Velvet), Cryptocaryon (Marine White spot), Amyloodinium (Marine Velvet), Ichthyopthirius (White Spot) in marine and fresh water aquariums. Cupramine is safer to use than other products such as chelated, copper sulphate, chloride or citrate, as it is ionically charged and bound with amine, making it less toxic to fish and unable to contaminate the filter bed. Cupramine is active at concentrations as low as 0.2mg/l while the toxic dose is 0.8mg/l. This means there is plenty of margin between the therapeutic dose for parasite treatment and a fatal dose for your fish so you are less likely to overdose.

  • Copper Treatment for Parasites including White Spot for Marine and FW
  • Low concentration active dose (0.2mg/l) and does not precipitate
  • Bound on amine so no toxic to fish within therapeutic dosing range (0.2-0.7mg/l)
  • Easily removed using activated carbon or Cuprisorb, as it does not bind to substrates and aquascape

We recommend this product is used for the treatment of ectoparasites such as white spot in marine and freshwater aquariums where invertebrates ARE NOT present. in cases where invertebrates such as corals or crustaceans are present, a separate quarantine tank will be required for safe treatment of affected fish as copper is highly toxic to invertebrate species.


Always read the label thoroughly before dosing and we also recommend the use of a copper test kit such as Seachem Multi Test Copper Kit "Cu" to measure the dose of copper in your aquarium throughout the treatment.