Seachem Flourish Advance

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Natural plant hormone supplement for the aquascaped aquarium

Has dramatic effects on the roots and shoots

Improves plant resistance to disease

Enhances the absorption of minerals

Seachem Flourish Advance is a fantastic addition to the Seachem planted range . This product targets the roots and the shoots of the plants by using natural phytohormones ( plant hormones) .

Phytohormones are chemical messengers that co-ordinate cellular activities , they are naturally occurring compounds that play a vital role in regulating plant growth in a variety of ways .

The ways in which this product regulates plant growth is as follows :

cell division

forming and the activity of shoot meristems (a meristem is a region of plant tissue found at the growing tips of roots and shoots)

introducing photosynthesis

nutrient mobilization

seed germination

root growth

If used on a regular basis Seachem flourish advance will enhance mineral absorption and also improve the resistance the plant has to disease .

Seachem Flourish advance is non toxic and is completely safe for fish , aquatic organisms and of course , plants .

We recommend that Seachem Flourish advance is used daily to maintain plant growth and as a guideline you should use 5ml for each 80 litres . Please remember to shake the product before each use .

During the first 2 weeks of use Seachem Flourish advance works to stimulate root growth beneath the surface , after this initial time frame you will then start to see growth in the leaves and in the stems

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