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Seachem Flourish Excel 500ml

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Flourish excel is a bioavailable source of carbon for plants in aquariums. It is perfectly suitable in aquariums without added co2 or also in addition to active co2 injection.

Carbon is the requirement of photosynthesis to produce carbohydrates for plants as food. During photosynthesis, carbon is separated from co2 to release oxygen into the aquarium. Photosynthesis will begin once the aquarium lights turn on, and plants will begin to deplete the natural stores of co2 which have built up in the aquarium overnight. Without a carbon source photosynthesis is impossible and so, once the limited natural stores have been depleted, plants will no longer photosynthesise even though the lights are still on. Instead algae will take advantage of the spare nutrients and light and grow instead.

Adding bio-available (Flourish Excel) carbon will provide an alternative form of carbon and lengthen the period of time before the natural store of co2 becomes depleted. This will therefore increase the amount of time your plants can photosynthesise, increasing plant growth and reducing algae. 

A secondary application of flourish excel is its propensity to promote the ferrous state of iron. Iron is most commonly formed as Ferric iron which is, unfortunately, useless to plants as they cannot process it in this form. The addition of Flourish Excel reduces iron from its ferric state Fe3+ to ferrous state FE2+ allowing plants to absorb iron readily in the aquarium improving growth and colour.