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Seachem Prime 250ml

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Seachem Prime is for all purposes, a complete water conditioner. It neutralises chlorine and chloramines as well as ammonia and detoxifies metals, leaving your tap water completely safe for biological activity in an ornamental aquarium. Just 5ml of Prime is enough to treat 250l of tap water making this a concentrated and superior product.

Crucially, Prime is able to safely condition your tap water and detoxify ammonia without affecting pH, or removing ammonia physically, making the tank safe, without interrupting the nitrogen cycle. By converting ammonia into ammonium, the nitrogenous compound is still available for nitrifying bacteria, but is not toxic for fish, making this the perfect product to use regularly during your initial tank cycle (alongside a bacterial supplement such as stability) to ensure you don't lose fish to, "new tank syndrome."

"The strongest, most complete, most concentrated, most cost-effective water conditioner currently available!."

We recommend the use of Prime for making tap water safe as required to fill your tank initially, and for all water changes. We also recommend Prime to treat the whole tank every 48 hours during the initial cycle and whenever fish or inhabitants are showing signs of stress or discomfort. Test for ammonia and nitrite regularly and continue to use prime every 48 hours until both parameters are within the respectable limits.