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Description: What is Purigen ?. Let's get the science bit out of the way ,"A premium synthetic absorbent that is unlike any other filtration product ,It is not a mixture of ion exchange or absorbents ,but a unique macro porous synthetic polymer" What this means is that Purigen is a fantastic product that because of its special qualities should be stocked by every aquatic store. Produced in America in Seachem laboratories ,after years of research ,it is now one of their major selling products worldwide . Purigen is an extra fine filtration media which is placed in a fine mesh bag and placed within the filter ,as the water passes through ,it then gets to work absorbing nitrogenous organic waste that is present in the aquarium.By removing this waste it then controls ammonia, nitrate and nitrite ,preventing them causing major problems . Another main reason for using Purigen is it's amazing value for money.If used in a 100cm aquarium it will last for months.As it gradually turns a dark brown, which indicates that it is full of waste ,magically it is not finished.Take it out of the tank and soak it in bleach,then treat in a mixture of water and Prime ( another fantastic Seachem product ) and it is completely rejuvenated. So if you have a Marine, Freshwater or Planted aquarium, you will need crystal clear water in which to show off your creation to it's optimum best,there is only one product that can really achieve this. That product is Purigen . Directions Always rinse before use. We find Purigen in best used in a fine mesh (180 micron or less) filter bag such as Seachem’s The Bag™ Each 250 mL treats up to 1,000 L (250 US gallons) for up to six months. Exhaustion is shown by a discoloration of the beads to dark brown or black.

Seachem Purigen is an extra fine filtration media which should be added to the aquarium filter in a fine mesh bag. Purigen absorbs nitrogenous organic waste and dissolved organic compounds (DOC's), before they break down into harmful waste such as ammonia, nitrite and nitrate, therefore preventing future problems.

We believe every tank should use this product from the start, but this is also the perfect product for those who are struggling with nitrate, despite maintaining their aquarium correctly, especially more mature aquarium systems. Sometimes the nitrogen output on an aquarium is too high to control with water changes alone. The build up or back log of DOC's outweighs the benefits of a water change and regular filtration, and this leads to an excess of nitrate which nothing seems to fix. This is where the benefits of Purigen are clearly seen. while Purigen doesn't actively remove nitrate, it will absorb dissolved organic compounds at the earliest stage before they turn into nitrate, ensuring your water changes are effective for nutrient control.

This is also the perfect product for planted tanks and the control of excess nitrate. In planted aquariums where you may wish to have more control of nutrients such as nitrate to feed your plants accurately, Purigen will not remove the nitrate you may be adding to the tank. It will simply absorb the organics that may add to your nitrate causing excess. So you are not wasting product, simply controlling your aquarium environment.

The added side effect of Purigen is the amazing water clarity. No media produces clearer water than Purigen and the results have been compared to that of Ozone. Purigen will quickly remove tannings and impurities in the water as well as the smallest organic compounds, ensuring truly crystal clear water. You may think you have clear water, but until you have added Purigen, you haven't.

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