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Tetra Aqua Safe

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Tetra Aqua Safe is a market leading product, used to make tap water safe for aquatic fish and plants by neutralising chlorine, chloramines and heavy metals. The added vitamin B helps to reduce fish stress during water changes and the new formula contains added iodine and magnesium to further promote the growth, vitality and well being of your aquarium fish. Added natural plant extract, also helps to protect gills and mucous membranes which naturally protect the fish from parasites and external ailments such as fungal and bacterial infections.

Tetra Aqua Safe also contains a blend of other essential vitamins, including iodine and magnesium. Iodine supports vitality while magnesium promotes the growth and well-being of fish and plants. The care product also encourages the settlement and bioactivity of useful bacteria in the aquarium, which in turn ensure clean, healthy water.

Tetra AquaSafe dissolves quickly in the aquarium water and offers long-term health benefits for all aquarium inhabitants. It is suitable for all freshwater and marine aquariums and is recommended whenever setting up a new aquarium or carrying out a water change. Tetra AquaSafe instantly makes tap water safe for fish and provides the ideal basis for a healthy life in an aquarium. When using Tetra AquaSafe in marine aquariums, however, the protein skimmer should be switched off to prevent large amounts of foam from forming.


What is Tetra AquaSafe?

Tetra AquaSafe is a tap water conditioner that makes tap water safe for aquarium creatures. It takes effect instantly without turning the water cloudy or having any other detrimental effect.

When should Tetra AquaSafe be used?

Tetra AquaSafe tap water conditioner is always recommended when setting up a new aquarium, changing the water and transporting the fish.

How should I use Tetra AquaSafe correctly?

Shake the bottle thoroughly before use. Then add 5 ml of Tetra AquaSafe directly to the aquarium for every 10 l of freshly added tap water. Alternatively, you can make up the dosage in a bucket before adding the mixture to the aquarium. The dosing cap enables you to measure the precise amount of liquid. As tap water often contains a great deal of carbon dioxide, additional aeration is recommended each time you change the water.

How does Tetra AquaSafe work?

When changing the water or setting up a new aquarium: Tetra AquaSafe instantly makes tap water safe for fish and is proven to reduce their levels of stress. Changing the water represents an encroachment into the habitat of the aquarium creatures along with the associated changes in water temperature and the water parameters. Tetra AquaSafe’s active ingredients dissolve in the water extremely quickly, and act with a long-term effect.

  • Neutralises harmful chlorine, chloramine, copper zinc and lead contained in the tap water
  • Vitamin B mix instantly reduces stress for fish
  • Promotes vitality, growth and well-being in aquarium inhabitants

  • Supports the growth of essential bacteria

  • Dissolves quickly

  • Acts in seconds with a long-term effect

Is Tetra AquaSafe also suitable for marine aquariums?

Yes, the Tetra AquaSafe water conditioner is suitable both for fresh water and for marine aquariums. Please remember to switch off the protein skimmer for seven days so that the ingredients are not immediately removed again.

Is Tetra AquaSafe also suitable for shrimps and turtles?

Yes, you can use Tetra AquaSafe for shrimps. For turtles, we recommend using Tetra ReptoSafe.

Does Tetra AquaSafe make the water softer?

No, it removes harmful chlorine, chloramine, copper zinc and lead from tap water and adds essential vitamins, trace elements and a natural, protective plant extract. Our Tetra pH/KH Minus product is ideal for making the water softer.

Can Tetra AquaSafe and Tetra EasyBalance be used together?

Yes, both products can be used together. However, we recommend that you do not add them on the same day. Tetra AquaSafe should be added to the tap water immediately whereas Tetra EasyBalance can be added a day later and then used on a weekly basis.

What happens if I have added too much Tetra AquaSafe to my aquarium?

Slightly exceeding the dosage of the Tetra AquaSafe tap water conditioner is harmless. Even if you increase the dose by up to twice the amount, Tetra AquaSafe is not harmful. Always ensure a sufficient supply of oxygen.