TMC EcoReef Rock

Box: E
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EcoReef Sustainable Rock. Looks as good as the real thing, and creates a Reef scape in minutes.

This incredibly lightweight alternative to live rock, is highly porous and neutral in ph. It provides an excellent surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow and provide natural biological filtration in marine and reef aquariums. The rocks are hand made from naturally occurring land materials that will not leach nitrates or phosphates into the aquarium. Choosing this sustainable and stunning rock for your reef will help reduce the impact on natural reefs reducing the collection of natural live rock, as well as pollution from air miles shipping natural live rock. It will also benefit your aquarium by ensuring you have full control of the species you add, by eliminating the possibility of pest hitchhikers such as algae spores, dinoflagellates, unwanted worms, crabs and larvae, associated with collecting natural living rock from the reef.

There are 6 different box types to choose from, each containing a particular set of shapes and designs, listed A, B, C, D, E, F. Be sure to look through the box contents in our images and choose the correct box from the drop menu before checkout.

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