Oase Bio-Master Thermo

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The ultimate competitor among the choices of modern external filters for aquariums. This is our favourite filter option of all here at Aquatech and the filter of choice by our services team when installing aquariums for clients.

Options are available for aquariums ranging between 250l and 850l and include a suitably rated heater with this 'Thermo' range. The integrated heater improves the efficiency of the heating system as water is naturally drawn over the heating element and heated water is pumped back into the aquarium, while also removing the clutter of extra equipment from the display aquarium.

The most convenient feature of this filter range however, is the excellent pre-filter which is superb and allows for very easy maintenance. Simply unlock the pre-filter with an easy to use valve and remove it for cleaning regularly to significantly reduce the need to clean the main filter body and media. The automatic shut-off and safety lock will prevent any unwanted water leaks, and the practical venting button makes the water suction highly effective and allows for a quick and convenient start.

The complete set includes filter media, hoses, adapters, suction and discharge pipes as well as the water diffuser and integrated, adjustable heater.

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