All our live corals are shipped using Styrofoam ‘poly’ boxes, and sealed inside a matching cardboard outer box for extra protection and insulation. Corals are attached to a variety of quality frag plugs, or colony discs which are perfectly suitable to add straight into your aquarium without the need for any curing. We treat all of our corals on arrival with a quality reef dip solution to ensure no pests enter the system. Because the corals have already been treated thoroughly, we only recommend a short dip on acclimation for your peace of mind, and to assist in the acclimation process. We find that a precautionary dip of just 5 to 10 minutes when acclimating your coral is perfectly sufficient.

Your corals will arrive, triple bagged to ensure adequate protection during transport, from any bag splits or damage. 72hr Heat packs are utilised, when necessary, but this is weather appropriate to maintain suitable temperatures during transit.

Our holding tanks are monitored and maintained by our in-store qualified marine biologist and Neptune Apex and Trident testing technology.

We maintain parameters of 9dKH, 450ppm Ca and 1350ppm Mg. pH 8.3. Salinity 35ppt

Live Arrival Guarantee

  1. Prior to packing, each specimen is carefully inspected to ensure every single order is healthy and ready for shipping. Orders will only be shipped if our high-quality standards are met.
  2. You must sign and receive the package on the FIRST delivery attempt or guarantee is void.
  3. In the unlikely event of your livestock arriving DOA, you must notify us via Email within 2 hours of delivery.
  4. A clear photograph of the dead specimen within its unopened original, internal packaging, must be attached to your email. (You can remove the first 2 bags to allow for a clear photograph).
  5. In the event that a coral arrives stressed or damaged and not clearly dead, we do ask that you allow 2-3 weeks for the coral to rest, before it is evaluated for DOA credit. Many corals begin to quickly recover from shipping stress.
  6. DOA credits will be applied in the form of a livestock credit towards another order.
  7. We do not offer any refund for delivery costs.
  8. Delays due to weather, mechanical failures, etc. which result in loss will not be covered under our Live Arrival Guarantee.
  9. We do not take responsibility for any errors in customers acclimation, or general care including lighting, water flow, water chemistry, temperature, or inter species coral aggression.
  10. It is essential for customers to research the requirements and care of all animals chosen before purchasing them.

IF YOU ARE UNSURE ABOUT SOMETHING, PLEASE ASK. A member of our qualified team will be HAPPY TO HELP!

Appearance of corals, colour, polyp size, etc, will vary from tank to tank due to different lighting, flow and water conditions.

Acclimation Guide

  1. Float the bag in your tank for at least 30 minutes to allow the temperature to equalise.
  2. Using the poly box provided. Carefully open or cut the bags, remove all floats and bands and place the corals and the water from the bags into the box.(do not place animals on top of each other)
  3. Note the level of the water in the box. Then with a cup, remove half of the water from the box and dispose of it.(if you think the corals will end up above the water do not remove the water.)
  4. Using either the drip method or a small cup. Slowly introduce your aquarium water to the box water until the water level reaches double the original volume. (15 min max) once it does, repeat stage 3-4 one more time.
  5. At this stage you can add a quality reef dip solution to the water, following the manufacturers’ dosing instructions. You can leave the corals in this solution for 5-10 minutes and use a pipette to gently wash each coral and inspect for any unwanted guests. (DO NOT USE REEF DIP SOLUTIONS ON ANEMONE’S OR OTHER INVERTS OTHER THAN CORALS).
  6. Remove the animals carefully by hand (if applicable and safe to do so) and place at the base of aquarium to let them settle. After one hour secure animals into position. (TAKE EXTRA CARE WITH LONG POLYP CORALS SUCH AS EUPHYLLIA, SO AS NOT TO DAMAGE FLESHY POLYPS ON THE SHARP SKELETAL STRUCTURE WHEN HANDLING).

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