Live Arrival Guarantee


Hey there fish enthusiasts! Worried about how your new aquatic pals will fare during their journey to you? At Aquatech Aquariums, we've made fish transport an art form, ensuring they arrive just as lively as when they left us.


  • We spare no expense on quality—our bags are top-notch for a reason. Heat retention? Perfected! Your tropical beauties will travel in comfort.


  • Our fish are in good hands with DX, experts in handling boxed fish. We're serious about stress-free trips, never overloading bags. If needed, we'll split orders for their comfort.


  • Why do we do this? Because we're fish fanatics. Our mission: to deliver the finest quality fish, no stress attached.


  • All fish travel on a Pre-1pm Security Service, ensuring they arrive promptly and in pristine condition. (Occasionally, deliveries may still arrive post 1pm but are guaranteed to arrive next day from dispatch and our livestock are packed suitably for up to 72 hours in transit)


  • **You must be available to collect your parcel on the day of delivery – even if the delivery is late. Your new fish are living beings, and they will be upset if their new parents aren’t there to pick them up when they arrive.



Tropical & Freshwater

We're fish quality aficionados! That's why we confidently offer a 7-day guarantee on all Freshwater species after delivery. This only applies to those kept in acceptable conditions though and doesn’t include fish that decide to go on an adventure outside the tank. (Make sure you have the appropriate testing kits at home as may ask for evidence of good water quality). We also can’t guarantee the safety of any of your pre-existing fishy friends. That’s why we recommend that if you have any concerns, you should keep them separate till you're sure they're thriving. It is your responsibility to ensure you have facilities for this if required, especially when ordering fish online. It is also your responsibility to ensure the compatibility of any new fishy friends with your existing livestock. If you are ever unsure you can always reach out to us and the team will be happy to help. We can't guarantee that your new fish will get along with everybody so we don't offer our guarantee to fish that have been beaten up or bullied by pre-existing tank mates, sorry.


**Marine Fish

We stand by our promise of a Perfect Health Arrival for all marine fish. However, beyond this initial guarantee, a few factors can affect your fish's settling-in phase:


- Unsuitable Water Conditions: Keep an eye on pH levels, ammonia, and nitrite levels for a smooth transition.

- Tank Bullies: Some marine fish prefer a chill environment and may not mix well with more energetic tank mates.

- Incorrect Tank Size: Size matters! Research your fish's needs to ensure they thrive in their new home.


If your marine fish looks anything but perfect on arrival, don't hesitate to reach out immediately. We will need pictures of the fish in the sealed bag, clearly showing any issues within one hour of receipt and we may be able to extend your guarantee until your fish is back to health but be sure not to delay this process to activate this extension. Remember, "Fish First," so be sure to take the pictures swiftly and acclimate the fish to a suitable tank straight away to give them the best chance of recovery before sending us the information. We believe one hour is plenty of time for this.


If, unfortunately, any aquatic life perishes during our guarantee period after being acclimatized in a mature aquarium, snap a photo and shoot us an email. We'll issue you a credit note for the livestock which you can use on your next order. Unfortunately, we cannot refund the shipping costs if the courier did their job in delivering the parcel. The true cost of shipping is already higher than we charge and we believe this is a reasonable risk due to the rarity of problems.


Let's sail smoothly through your aquarium journey with Aquatech Aquariums!

If you need to claim our guarantee (rare, but it happens), snap a pic before anything else. We're here to assist—just reach out! Call 01253 425 110 or email You can also get in touch via Facebook.


Let's keep your aquarium adventure stress-free with Aquatech Aquariums!



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