Ultimate DD Reef Pro 900 Bundle

DD Reef Pro 900 (Cabinet tyle): Carbon Oak
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Introducing the Ultimate DD Reef Pro Marine Aquarium System Bundle, a comprehensive and cutting-edge collection of top-tier equipment designed to transform your marine aquarium into a mesmerizing underwater masterpiece. Crafted for both novice and seasoned enthusiasts, this bundle is the epitome of innovation and efficiency, ensuring an optimal environment for your aquatic companions.

1. **DD Reef Pro 900 Aquarium Set with Clarisea Sump & Clarisea Automatic 3000k Filter Roller:**
- Immerse yourself in the beauty of the DD Reef Pro 900 Aquarium, a spacious and elegant tank that provides a crystal-clear view of your aquatic world. The included Clarisea Sump and Automatic 3000k Filter Roller ensure pristine water quality, eliminating impurities and maintaining the perfect conditions for marine life to thrive.

2. **x2 AI Blade Grow and Glow LED Lighting System:**
- Elevate your aquarium's aesthetics with the AI Blade Grow LED Lighting System. Experience vibrant and dynamic lighting that mimics natural sunlight, promoting the health and vitality of your corals and marine organisms. Customize the spectrum and intensity to create the ideal ambiance for your underwater ecosystem. We have included x2 of the AI Blade grow 30" to get the very best even spread of light throughout the display aquarium with even PAR ratings in all directions. Utilise the deep blues and whites of the grow LED Spectrum by AI, proven to grow coral efficiently while simultaneously enjoying the sheer volume of colours highlighted by the unique blend of UV Light with AI's Glow spectrum ensuring your corals are growing healthily and presenting a fantastic pop of colour.

3. **DD H2Ocean Temperature Controller and 350w Titanium Heater:**
- Achieve precise temperature control with the DD H2Ocean Temperature Controller and 350w Titanium Heater. Ensure a stable and comfortable environment for your aquatic residents, safeguarding them from temperature fluctuations and providing optimal conditions for growth and reproduction.

4. **AI Nero 5 Wavemaker:**
- Recreate the gentle, natural flow of the ocean with the AI Nero 5 Wavemaker. This state-of-the-art wavemaker generates a smooth and realistic water movement, promoting coral health and enhancing the overall visual appeal of your aquarium. Enjoy the beauty of swaying corals and flourishing marine life.

5. **DD H2Ocean FMR Fluidised Media Reactor for Phosphates with Pump:**
- Tackle unwanted phosphates effectively with the DD H2Ocean FMR Fluidised Media Reactor. This advanced reactor, coupled with a powerful pump, ensures efficient and consistent phosphate removal, maintaining water purity and promoting the well-being of your aquatic ecosystem.

6. **Deltec 400i DC Protein Skimmer:**
- Experience superior water quality with the Deltec 400i DC Protein Skimmer. This cutting-edge skimmer efficiently removes organic waste, excess nutrients, and pollutants, contributing to the clarity and health of your marine environment.

7. **4000LPH DC Controlled Return Pump:**
- Power your aquarium with the 4000LPH DC Controlled Return Pump, providing reliable and adjustable water circulation. Achieve optimal water turnover and oxygenation, creating a thriving habitat for your marine inhabitants.

8. **H2Ocean 4 channel wifi dosing pump.**

- Take control of the elements in your tank by dosing with precision, all of the components necessary for steady and stable coral growth with ease, simply using an app on your phone to adjust dosages as required.

(We recommend dosing with ReefZlements pH Plus or Z complete, combined with ReefZlements Amino Plus and Vita Plus for the ultimate coral growing cocktail of nutrition and elements for growth of skeleton, polyps and colour: DOSING COMPONENTS SOLD SEPERATELY)

Indulge in the Ultimate DD Reef Pro Marine Aquarium System Bundle and witness the transformation of your aquarium into a captivating and flourishing underwater paradise. Elevate your hobby to new heights with the latest technology and unparalleled performance, ensuring the well-being of your aquatic companions for years to come. Dive into excellence with this all-in-one bundle designed for the true marine enthusiast.

This combination of excellent kit definitely gets the thumbs up and recommendations from Tom and the Team here at Aquatech and we are certain you will be pleased with your purchase.


DONT FORGET to add your phosphate media, biological media and dosing components to your basket separately. Rowaphos, Maxspect Nanotech Bioballs and ReefZlements would be our preferred choices.


Happy Reefing :)

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