AI Orbit (Crossflow Circulation Pump)

Model: Orbit 2
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Introducing the Aqua Illumination Orbit Crossflow Pump, a game-changer in aquarium water movement! Step into a realm of aquatic wonder as the Orbit pump unleashes a distinctive and captivating flow that mirrors the dynamic currents found in the vast ocean. Feel the excitement as water gracefully circles your aquarium, creating a cross-flow current that mimics the tidal rhythms experienced on thriving ocean reefs. It's not just about one type of flow – it's about unleashing a symphony of flows to make your aquarium truly come alive.

The Orbit pump is more than just a device; it's a mechanism that elevates your aquarium to new heights. Imagine the magic of ocean currents brought to life in your own aquatic sanctuary! Combine the Orbit Crossflow Pump with the directional and random flow patterns of our Nero pump line, and you'll achieve a breath taking recreation of the ocean's power – a perfect blend of strength, directionality, systematic order, and chaotic beauty.

Immerse yourself in a world where your aquarium doesn't just thrive; it pulsates with life. The Aqua Illumination Orbit Crossflow Pump isn't just a pump; it's a tidal force that breathes life into your underwater haven, lifting excess nutrients from the depths for efficient removal through filtration. Join the aquatic revolution and turn your aquarium into a mesmerizing spectacle with the Orbit Crossflow Pump – where the magic of ocean flow becomes a reality in the heart of your aquatic kingdom!

Flow Ecosystem
Immerse your aquarium in the dynamic orbit of water movement created by Orbit pumps. This unique flow, akin to the natural rhythms of ocean currents, circles your aquarium, generating a cross-flow current that replicates the tidal patterns experienced on vibrant ocean reefs. This innovative design acts as a highly effective mechanism, lifting excess nutrients from the aquarium's bottom for efficient removal through filtration.

Much like the diverse currents in the ocean that contribute to the thriving of reefs, the Orbit system enhances not just one, but all types of flows within your aquarium. By seamlessly integrating with the directional and random flow patterns of our Nero pump line, you can achieve a true emulation of oceanic flow—powerful, directional, systematic, and chaotic. Step into a world where your aquarium doesn't merely survive; it thrives with a harmonious blend of currents, creating a captivating and natural underwater environment.

Effortless Integrated Control

Every AI device comes equipped with standard smart control features. Effortlessly set up or program your AI equipment by selecting either the myAI® or Mobius app, compatible with iOS and Android devices. Additionally, seamlessly integrate Neptune Fusion control through Apex, utilizing the Apex and MXM module for extended control options.


Orbit® 2
Maximum Glass Thickness: 15 mm (0.59 in.)
Power Consumption: Variable, max 25W
Recommended Tank Size: Approximately 76-333+ litres (20-88+ gallons)

Orbit® 4
Maximum Glass Thickness: 20 mm (0.79 in.)
Power Consumption: Variable, max 45W
Recommended Tank Size: Approximately 76-454+ litres (20-120+ gallons)

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