AquaOne OakStyle "Original Oak" Aquarium

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Size: Oakstyle 85
Cabinet Style: Original Oak
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Introducing the Aquaone Oakstyle Slate Original Oak Aquarium Set, a classic in Shaker style that's been the UK's top choice for large aquariums for the past two years, and it's only getting better. Our range continues to expand, offering options to suit every taste and seamlessly fit into any modern living room. We now offer six different editions, from the timeless Original OakStyle in Shaker design to the country house charm of the Shades Collection, and the modern aesthetics of the Urban Edition and OakStyle Moda.

Here's why the Oakstyle Slate Original Oak aquarium set is a must-have:

1. Complete Filtration: This set includes an internal/external filter (model dependent) to ensure your water remains pristine, creating a healthy environment for your aquatic friends.

2. Brilliant Illumination: Our StripGlo LED light unit is not only powerful but also budget-friendly. It illuminates your aquarium, promotes healthy plant growth, and enhances the vibrant colours of your fish.

3. Tropical Ready: We've got you covered with an included heater, making it a breeze to prepare your aquarium for tropical fish.

4. Functional Cabinet: The cabinet is more than just a stand; it's a versatile piece of furniture offering ample storage space, making your setup both practical and stylish. Plus, it's easy to assemble.




Tank - 45 x 38 x 55cm - 88 litres

Cabinet - 52 x 41 x 78cm

Filter - Internal

Heater - 100w



Tank - 63 x 38 x 55cm - 123 litres

Cabinet - 70 x 41 x 78cm

Filter - Internal

Heater - 150w



Tank - 81 x 38 x 55cm - 159 litres

Cabinet - 88 x 41 x 78cm

Filter - External

Heater - 200w



Tank - 116 x 38 x 60cm - 245 litres

Cabinet - 123 x 41 x 78cm

Filter - External

Heater - 300w



Tank - 150 x 38 x 60cm - 315 litres

Cabinet - 157 x 41 x 78cm

Filter - External

Heater - 300w

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