Aqua One Oak Style Slate Grey Shaker Aquarium

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Size: Oakstyle 110
Cabinet Style: Industrial Concrete
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Elevate your home with the Aquaone OakStyle Slate Grey Shaker aquarium set, the latest addition to our renowned collection. This stunning set retains all the beloved features, such as shaker-style doors, a functional drawer, and wine racks, while staying on top of evolving trends in home design and colour.

Here's why the Slate Grey Edition is a game-changer:

1. Sleek Slate Grey: The smooth slate grey finish, embossed with a wood grain texture, not only keeps up with the latest home colour trends but also provides a luxurious, real-wood feel. It's a stylish addition to any home.

2. Versatile Options: Choose between the OakStyle 110 or the 230 option to suit your specific needs. No matter which you pick, you'll enjoy powerful and efficient filtration, a heater, and the latest StripGlo lighting technology, offering double the light output compared to previous OakStyle sets.

3. Interior Space Maximization: Our cabinets are thoughtfully designed to provide maximum interior storage, ensuring ample room for filtration systems and equipment. Plus, they are proudly designed and manufactured right here in the UK and easy to assemble from flat-packed pieces.

Transform your living space with the Aquaone OakStyle Slate Grey Shaker aquarium set. Whether you're an experienced aquarist or new to the hobby, this set seamlessly combines style and functionality, enhancing your aquatic passion while blending harmoniously with your home decor. Create a stunning aquatic display for your fish and order yours today!



Tank - 63 x 38 x 55cm - 123 litres

Cabinet - 70 x 41 x 78cm

Filter - Internal

Heater - 150w



Tank - 116 x 38 x 60cm - 245 litres

Cabinet - 123 x 41 x 78cm

Filter - External

Heater - 300w

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