Aqua One Oak Style Yorkshire Oak Aquarium

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Size: Oakstyle 110
Cabinet Style: Yorkshire Oak
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Elevate your fish-keeping experience with the Aquaone OakStyle Yorkshire Oak aquarium set, the latest addition to our OakStyle family. Crafted in natural oak and Shaker style, it's more than just an aquarium – it's a statement piece that brings character to your home.

Here's why the OakStyle Yorkshire Oak aquarium set is a game-changer:

1. Quality and Style: Aqua One is committed to delivering top-notch glass aquariums equipped with high-quality technical gear. We've combined this commitment with a stunning cabinet that adds personality and charm to your living space.

2. Crystal Clear Water: The aquarium comes complete with an internal/external filter (model dependent) to ensure your water remains pristine, providing a healthy habitat for your aquatic friends.

3. Brilliant Illumination: With our StripGlo LED light unit, you'll enjoy exceptional lighting that not only supports healthy plant growth but also beautifully illuminates your aquatic masterpiece.

4. Tropical Paradise: We've thought of everything – a heater is included for hassle-free setup of a tropical aquatic haven.

5. Functional Cabinet: The cabinet is not just a stand; it's a versatile piece of furniture that offers ample storage space and assembles with ease. It's both practical and stylish, making it the perfect addition to your home.

Experience fish-keeping like never before with the Aquaone OakStyle Yorkshire Oak aquarium set. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or just starting out, this set combines form and function to enhance your aquatic passion and seamlessly blend with your home decor. Transform your living space and care for your aquatic companions in style – order yours today!




Tank - 63 x 38 x 55cm - 123 litres

Cabinet - 70 x 41 x 78cm

Filter - Internal

Heater - 150w



Tank - 81 x 38 x 55cm - 159 litres

Cabinet - 88 x 41 x 78cm

Filter - External

Heater - 200w



Tank - 116 x 38 x 60cm - 245 litres

Cabinet - 123 x 41 x 78cm

Filter - External

Heater - 300w



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