Aqua Pro Aquascaper Aquarium Range

Cabinet Colour: Anthracite Gloss
Size: 60
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D-D Aqua-Pro Aquascaper Aquarium

The Aquascaper range is specifically designed for the art of Aquascaping, being beautifully crafted to enhance any space whilst remaining practical for both layout and maintenance. The design for a perfect aquascaping aquarium is all in the detail.

Ranging from 600mm to 1800mm, the Aquascaper aquarium range suits all sizes and budgets, and is ideal for many different fish and plants both large and small.

The AS600, 900, 1200 and 1500 are wider front to back than they are tall, providing that all important perspective and making them ideal for the placement of plants and decor, while being easy to reach into and maintain.

Quality Aquariums

All Aquascaper aquariums are made from the finest quality, Ultra Clear low iron glass and are perfectly polished. Every model is sealed with the strongest clear silicone, yet with a minimal visible bond at the edges to minimise distraction.

The glass ranges from 8mm to 19mm, offering the ultimate in strength, integrity and safety while at the same time offering optimum clarity and viewing and all come with a protective foam mat pre-fitted to cushion the base.

Wooden Cabinet

Modern sleek cabinets are available as standard to compliment the Aqua-Pro Aquascaper tanks.

Each cabinet is delivered pre-assembled in a choice of seven standard finishes and four premium gloss or matt laminate finishes. All come complete with soft close hinges that are fully adjustable and have a quick release mechanism. This allows the doors to be aligned in three directions and easily removed for full access into the cabinet when maintaining external filtration. To retain the clean style and contemporary looks the cabinets are fitted with push open mechanisms so no handles are needed.

The back of the cabinet has large openings to allow plenty of room for pipes, cables, air lines etc to be passed through up to the tank and the open interior provides ample space for external equipment and storage.


With the larger aquariums comes more weight and so the 1500mm and 1800mm cabinets are fitted as standard with an integrated metal frame. There is an option for a metal frame on the 1200mm model.

The pre-assembled AquaFrame cabinets are made from an aircraft grade aluminium section which is cut and fastened together by special custom stainless steel brackets and high strength rivets.

The Aquaframe system allows you to future-proof your aquarium by enabling you to change the cabinet colours at any time, to match a change in decor, without buying a brand new cabinet. Choose from our range of 11 stylish cabinet finishes.

• Corrosion resistant frames made from aircraft grade aluminium
• Easily swap the cabinet panels without buying a new cabinet
• Pre-assembled
• Choose from 11 cabinet finishes
• Adjustable feet, fully waterproof base board
• Soft-close, push open doors.
• Industrial strength fittings


Aqua-Pro Aquascaper Models

600 900 1200 1500 1800
Tank Dimensions
Length 60cm / 23.6" 90cm / 35.4" 120cm / 47.2" 150cm / 59.1" 180cm / 70.9"
Width 50cm / 19.7" 50cm / 19.7" 60cm / 23.6" 60cm / 23.6" 60cm / 23.6"
Height 36cm / 14.2" 45cm / 17.7" 45cm / 17.7" 55cm / 21.7" 55cm / 21.7"
Glass Thickness 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm
Maximum Water Volume 98 Litres 185 Litres 293 Litres 444 Litres 521 Litres
Pre-fitted Basemat
Cabinet Dimensions
Length 60cm / 23.6" 90cm / 35.4" 120cm / 47.2" 150cm / 59.1" 180cm / 70.9"
Width 50cm / 19.7" 50cm / 19.7" 60cm / 23.6" 60cm / 23.6" 60cm / 23.6"
Height 83cm / 32.7" 83cm / 32.7" 90cm / 35.4" 90cm / 35.4" 90cm / 35.4"
Wooden Cabinet Option
Metal Frame Cabinet Option
Adjustable feet ✓*
*Metal frame option only

Standard Cabinet Colour Finishes

Driftwood Concrete

Carbon Oak

Satin Black

Platinum Oak

Natural Oak

Tobacco Oak

Ultra Gloss Japanese Pear

Premium Cabinet Colour Finishes

Ultra Gloss White

Ultra Gloss Black

Ultra Gloss Anthracite

Matt Anthracite

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