AquaEl Optiset Aquarium & Cabinet

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Colour: Black
Size: 125L 80cm
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The Opti Set aquarium set blurs the lines between you and the underwater world. The combination of excellent workmanship, polished design and extraordinary transparency create a stunning feature for any home.

The aquarium is made of Opti white glass and features polished edges and clear silicone to create a seamless look.

LED Leddy tube smart lighting with three modes DAY / DAYBREAK / NIGHT, the aquarium comes with 2 light tubes as standard with space to install up to 9 Light tubes for any lighting needs. The lighting is easy to adjust to your needs as the tubes can be moved along the lighting structure.

The lid of the aquarium allows for convenient and open access to the inside of the aquarium. The entire lid is on hinges allowing for easy aquascaping and maintenance access, for every day feeding access the aquarium has a feeding hatch.

The aquarium has 2 access gaps in the back for electrical cables and external filter hoses.

Both the cabinet and the Aquarium trim have a smooth glossy finish creating a sleek design.

features :

  • Tank made of low iron, Opti-White glass (front and sides) for a transparent glass finish
  • Polished edges & clear silicone for colourless joints
  • Lighting Leddy Tube Day & Night included, offering three options DAY / DAYBREAK / NIGHT (BLUE)
  • Low energy consumption - modern LED technology
  • Expandable lighting up to 9 Leddy Tube modules
  • The ability to change the position of the lighting
  • Push open doors for a seamless finish and easy access
  • Smart Open system in the lid
  • No transverse reinforcements
  • Holes in the back of the cover for mounting hoses / cables
  • Fashionable satin finish of the cover and bottom frame
  • Convenient feeding hole for feeding your new fish

Lighting :
125 litres = 2 x 14w
200 litres = 2 x 14w
240 litres = 2 x 17w

Available in white or black & in 3 sizes: 125L, 200L and 240 litres
Dedicated Opti Set cabinet with adjustable legs included

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