Aqualantis SPLENDID 100

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Colour: Grey
Filtration: Basic - No Filter
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This stunning new aquarium range from Aqualantis will suit any home. It is available in Black White or a beautiful Grey with an oak grain finish.

The Splendid set includes the Aquarium with an integrated low energy - Easy LED 2.0 44w light with red and blue spectrum, and matching cabinet. The filtration option also includes a quality external canister aquarium filter and heater pack to ensure you have everything you need to care for your fish and keep your aquarium clean with low maintenance.

The Splendid 100 measures 101x40x56cm and has a 247-litre volume



It's very easy to create an aquatic environment in your home with our new range of SPLENDID aquariums. Thanks to its sublimated aluminium profile, which allows a perfect balance with the different wood essences proposed, your aquarium will delight your guests. An authentic work of art in your interior! Fully equipped aquariums to easily accompany you in your day-to-day.  We also have a version of these SPLENDID aquariums with CLEANSYS PRO external filter.


Aluminium Profile

Aquarium with a modern aluminium profile with "unibody" frame, without edges and with a perfect finishing. The amazing natural appearance of the sublimated shades will surprise you, as well as the harmonious combination of the aquarium with the "new design" cabinet.
Aluminium Profile

EASY LED 2.0 Lighting

LED light units with two independent light channels and aluminium housing, giving them some protective features and ensuring a safe and strong fitting in the aquarium. An innovative and low consumption LED lighting system that offers the best lighting for your fish and plants.
EASY LED 2.0 Lighting

Cleansys PRO Filter Pack (Optional)

Plug & play, quiet-running external filters with low power consumption and high durability that combines a perfect performance with an easy maintenance. It includes an innovative system of CLEANBOX PRO filtering media that ensures a complete filtration: biological, mechanical and active.
CLEANSYS PRO External Filter

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