'Aquis 750' Series 2 Professional External Cannister Aquarium Filter

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Enhance your aquarium's water clarity with Aqua One's Aquis Series 2 External Aquarium Filter – the epitome of advanced filtration technology. Engineered for efficiency, this external filter ensures crystal-clear water by effectively removing impurities, debris, and toxins. The Aquis Series 2 boasts a user-friendly design for easy installation and maintenance, making it ideal for both novices and experienced hobbyists. With its superior performance and quiet operation, this filter guarantees a pristine aquatic environment for your fish. Elevate your aquarium experience with Aqua One's Aquis Series 2 – where innovation meets reliability. Invest in superior filtration for your aquatic haven today!

Suits Aquariums: up to 200ltrs

Max Flow Rate: 650lph

Energy Consumption: 12.5w

Filter Volume: 6ltrs

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