NT Labs Aquarium - Algae Gone

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Say goodbye to unsightly green water and algae with Algae Gone, the ultimate solution for restoring clarity to your aquarium. Overfeeding and fish waste can lead to green water, posing risks to pH and oxygen levels. Algae Gone, a plant-friendly treatment, swiftly clarifies green or cloudy water with its single-dose formula, effectively clumping minute particles for easy filtration.

Algae Gone also tackles algae-causing phosphate, fostering a healthier aquatic environment. Simply apply when water turns green or cloudy.

Usage instructions:

1. Determine your aquarium volume in liters using our Dosage Calculator or manual calculation.
2. Thoroughly shake the bottle before use for optimal efficacy.
3. Mix the prescribed dose with 1 liter of aquarium water.
4. Gradually add the solution to your aquarium.

Protect your aquarium from direct sunlight and monitor nitrate levels using NT Labs Test Kits to prevent algae proliferation.

Reclaim aquarium clarity and create a pristine aquatic environment with Algae Gone. Transform your aquarium into a vibrant underwater paradise today!


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