NT labs Pro-F Cichlid Red 48

Size: 95g
Sale price£12.49


Introducing Cichlid Red 48 fish feed, meticulously crafted to cater to the dietary needs of carnivorous and omnivorous cichlid species. These slow-sinking granules are highly digestible and enriched with astaxanthin, a powerful pigment enhancer, to intensify the vibrant coloration of your fish.

Our formula boasts a high protein content, along with a balanced mix of multi-vitamins and Stimmune, promoting overall health and a robust immune system. Ideal for dwarf cichlid species from Central & South America, as well as select species from Lake Tanganyika like Haplochromis, our Cichlid Red 48 fish food ensures complete nutrition for your aquatic companions.

Feed your fish twice daily, offering only the amount they will consume within a few minutes. Elevate the vitality and coloration of your cichlids with our premium Cichlid Red 48 fish feed. Unlock their full potential with every meal!

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