NT labs Pro-F Cichlid Red 48

Size: 35g
Sale price£6.49


For Freshwater Fish

Cichlid Red 48 fish feed has been formulated to meet the needs of both carnivorous and omnivorous cichlid species

These slow-sinking, highly digestible granules are packed with astaxanthin to significantly enhance the colouration of your fish, as well as including a high proportion of protein, multi-vitamin mix and Stimmune for a balanced diet and to maintain a healthy immune system. Cichlid Red 48 fish food is a complete food ideal for dwarf cichlid species from Central & South America, and select species from Lake Tanganyika such as Haplochromis. Feed twice daily, only the amount your fish will consume in a few minutes.

"This is a good range with an innovative pour or shake feature, innovative packaging, has colourful packaging and a great price point." Judges, Aqua 2015.


  • Q: What does the numbers refer to in the name of these foods? A: The numbers '33' & '48' in our cichlid foods refers to the protein content on the food. So Cichlid Green 33 contains 33% protein making it ideal for mbuna cichlids from the African Rift lakes which require a lower protein content in their diet to remian healthy while Ciclid Red 48 contains 48% protein making it ideal for dwarf cichlids from Central and South America.

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