Eazy Pod Automatic

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Discover effortless pond filtration with the EazyPod Automatic Filter. Our professional installers are ready to provide you with a quote for hassle-free installation of this innovative and low-maintenance filter system.

Designed for simplicity and effectiveness, the EazyPod Automatic Filter ensures superior water quality with minimal effort. Water flows through the outer chamber, guided by a stainless steel perforated screen that traps debris and allows for natural settling of larger particles. This initial mechanical filtration prevents large waste from entering the inner chamber.

Inside, 18 litres of static K1 Micro media capture finer solids, ensuring crystal-clear water. Beneficial bacteria thrive on the abundant surface area of the K1 Micro media, promoting a healthy pond ecosystem.

Clean water is then returned to your pond via the inner return pipe, delivering unmatched water clarity and quality.

Let our expert installers quote you on the seamless installation of the EazyPod Automatic Filter—a complete filtration solution that transforms pond maintenance. Experience the convenience of EazyPod and enjoy a pristine pond environment effortlessly.

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