Echinophyllia Chalice Coral '24K'

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Introducing the opulent Echinophyllia 24K Chalice Coral, a prized gem for your reef sanctuary! Adorned with radiant golden hues, this coral promises to elevate your aquarium's elegance. Meticulously nurtured for optimal health, it flourishes in moderate light and low to moderate water flow. The 24K Chalice Coral boasts a unique, intricate pattern that captivates onlookers, making it a coveted centrepiece. Known for its adaptability and hardiness, it suits both novice and seasoned aquarists alike. Immerse your tank in the luxurious allure of the Echinophyllia 24K Chalice Coral and transform your underwater realm into a dazzling display of nature's brilliance. Elevate your reef experience today!

Scientific Name - Echinophyllia sp  Chalice Coral- '24K'

  • Care Level: Moderately easy to keep
  • Light Level: Moderate
  • Flow Level: Low - Moderate
  • Aggression: Can be aggressive; Requires ample space as this species may release sweeping stinger tentacles at night which may sting neighbouring corals.

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