Echinophyllia Chalice Coral '24K Ripple'

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Introducing the exquisite Echinophyllia 24K Ripple Chalice Coral, a radiant jewel for your marine showcase! Adorned with golden ripples, this coral transforms your aquarium into a mesmerizing seascape. Carefully cultivated for vitality, it thrives in moderate light and low to moderate water flow, ensuring optimal health and stunning vibrancy. The intricate ripples of the 24K Chalice Coral create a captivating visual spectacle, making it an ideal focal point. Known for its adaptability, this coral caters to both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts. Elevate your underwater world with the Echinophyllia 24K Ripple Chalice Coral, where beauty meets resilience. Secure your piece of aquatic opulence today!

Scientific Name - Echinophyllia sp  Chalice Coral- '24K Ripple'

  • Care Level: Moderately easy to keep
  • Light Level: Moderate
  • Flow Level: Low - Moderate
  • Aggression: Can be aggressive; Requires ample space as this species may release sweeping stinger tentacles at night which may sting neighbouring corals.

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