Echinophyllia Chalice Coral 'Dragon Rider'

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The Echinophyllia Chalice Coral Dragon Rider is a captivating addition to any reef aquarium, with intricate patterns and vibrant colours, ranging from vivid greens to fiery reds, resembling a dragon in flight. Thriving in well-lit environments, this coral species requires stable water conditions. Maintain a moderate to high water flow and provide regular feedings of planktonic foods for optimal health. Keep water parameters in check, including temperature (23-27°C), salinity (1.023-1.025), and pH (8.1-8.4). With proper care, this dragon rider chalice coral will flourish, creating a mesmerizing focal point in your aquatic haven.

Scientific Name - Echinophyllia sp  Chalice Coral- 'Dragon Rider'

  • Care Level: Moderately easy to keep
  • Light Level: Moderate - Medium
  • Flow Level: Moderate - High
  • Aggression: Can be aggressive; Requires ample space as this species may release sweeping stinger tentacles at night which may sting neighbouring corals.

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