ELOS-TEST PO4 - Phosphate - FRESH – MARINE - 100 test

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Phosphate build up in the tank appears to be a fairly common problem in fresh water and in marine aquariums. They are present in most tap water supplies, they are also introduced to aquarium water through fish waste, uneaten fish food, and decaying plant material. Over time these compounds may build up to unnatural and undesirable levels, becoming pollutants.

A value of 0.5 mg phosphate/lt is acceptable for fresh water whereby 1 mg/Lt should not be exceeded. In Natural seawater this level is approximately 0.06 mg/lt. and can reach a level of 0.01 in reef areas. The PO4 reagent from ELOS, especially developed for fresh water and sea water aquarium, allows the determination of the Phosphate value with the help of a finely tuned colour scale which shows a range of 0,01-1,5 mg/Lt

  • Precise, thanks to the calibrated droplet
  • Simple to use
  • Practical thanks to the easy-opening pack
  • NIST validated

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