IFXE 200 Internal Filter 1000L/HR

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IFXE 200 Internal Filter

Suits Aquariums: up to 200 Litres

Dimensions: 8.6L x 8.6D x 27.4H cm

Wattage: 13W

Max Flow Rate: 1000 L/Hr

Key Features:

• Flexible positioning allows for effortless installation

• Optional spray bar setup

• Adjustable flow rate to suit your aquarium inhabitants

• Quiet operation with the included airline and silencer*

*suitable for duckbill outlet setup only

• Fully submersible

• Adhesive suction cups to secure your internal filter to the inside of your aquarium

• Space saving design

• Available in 4 sizes

Aqua One IFXE Internal Filters provide biological, mechanical and chemical filtration as well as providing circulation

and aeration.

With a range of outlet options, these filters can be modified based on the needs of the aquarium.

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