Jecod Sine Wave Propeller Pump (Wavemaker)

Size: SW-2 2000lph
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Jecod Sine Wave Wavemaker Pumps.

Conventional AC power is produced by rotating machines (alternators) that produce a smooth alternation, like that of a pendulum. It is described mathematically as a "sine wave". It is the ideal waveform for the transfer of AC power.

When converting AC to DC power most DC controllers will convert the AC power to a DC Square wave or DC modified square wave. For the most part a DC Modified square wave will often emulate a True Sine wave reasonably well but the driven pump will often operate with audible levels of noise and a slightly ‘choppy’ operation due to the stepped square waveform compared to a smooth True Sine Wave.

Utilising True Sine Wave Technology the new SOW Sine wave pumps result in a quiet and smooth operation that extends the lifespan of the wavemaker.


  • 8 Different Flow Rates
  • 4 wave modes
  • Very Quiet Operation due to Sine Wave Technology
  • Wireless Controller - if 2 SOW pumps are used, controllers can "sync" wirelessly, to enable the SW pumps to run "in sync" or "anti - sync".
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Magnetic bracket that allows a higher degree of pump rotation compared to SW pumps.
  • Night sensor - automatically detects when tank lights go out and slows the pump.
  • One-touch feed mode - slows pump for a period of 10 minutes.
  • High performance, powerful, water flow combined with low energy consumption.
  • Ceramic shaft for long life and durability
  • Intelligent control system to generate various wave patterns to suit your tank.
  • Extra-long cable for ease and comfort of placement, even on larger tanks.
  • Low voltage, safe, reliable UK power supply.
  • Suitable for aquariums with glass up to 15mm thickness. (20mm for SOW 20)


SW-2: Flow rate adjustable from 500 - 2,500 litres/hour - 5W

SOW-4: Flow rate adjustable from 500 - 4,000 litres/hour - 10W

SOW-8: Flow rate adjustable from 700 - 8,500 litres/hour - 23W

SOW-15: Flow rate adjustable from 1,200 - 15,000 litres/hour - 35W

SOW-20: Flow rate adjustable from 1,700 - 20,000 litres/hour - 50W


SW-2: 52mm x 79.5mm (WxL)

SOW-8: 66mm x 88mm (WxL)

SOW-15: 80mm x 106mm (WxL)

SOW-20: 94mm x 120mm (WxL)

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