Maxspect Gyre 'JUMP' MJGF2K (7000lph)

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Gyre Flow generation is the future of aquarium circulation. Unlike regular wavemakers, Gyre flow generators are capable of circulating a dense wall of water around your entire aquarium, creating a flow pattern which is much more similar to that of an ocean current.

This circulating flow is strong enough to move water all the way around the aquarium and back again (hence gyre) which also ensures suspended particles and detritus remain suspended until they ultimately reach the weir or filter for mechanical removal by your filters. This greatly increases the efficiency of your aquarium filtration and eliminates the possibility of 'dead-spots' where waste can accumulate and pollute the aquarium.

This gyre flow pattern contrasts greatly with that of a traditional wavemaker or circulation pump which commonly creates small, sometimes powerful, jets of water flow, more comparable to that of a boat propeller. The wide and linear flow of the gyre is much more suitable and gentle on the corals, despite the huge volumes of water being turned over.

Even the more advanced wavemakers have shown to create more vertical transit for suspended detritus and particles, lifting them up and down in the water column, before eventually dropping them on the substrate. This is why gyre flow generators are superior to traditional wavemakers in most applications.

Of all of the gyre wavemakers available today, none compete with the original brand Maxspect's ranges of Gyre flow technology which utilise the patented Sine Wave Technology to offer smooth and linear flow patterns for all budgets.

The latest additions to this range, The 'Jump' Gyre 2k and 4k offer a more affordable solution than the premium Gyre 300 series by the same manufacturer, while only forfeiting some of the more luxurious features such as Wi-fi control and some of the rarely used flow options.

The 'Jump' Gyre still uses the exact same flow technology and patented design and offers many of the popular flow patterns available on the more expensive predecessor, but at almost half of the price!! That's why this Gyre Generator gets our stamp of approval and is by far our most popular.

There are 2 options available, 2K - 7000lph and 4K - 15000lph. Each comes as a set including one pump and one controller which operates as a wired controller and comes with plenty of cable to suit most installations. We love the fluorescent orange impellors already installed on the pumps in the box, but a spare black set is also included for customers looking for something a little more subtle. Installation can be horizontal or vertical based on preference and the smaller 2k option can be made even smaller to suit a nano tank by removing one of the pump sides all together and capping it with the supplied cover.


  • Gyre Flow Virtually Eliminates Dead Spots
  • Evenly Distributed, Linear Flow
  • Discrete Profile
  • Mount Vertically or Horizontally
  • Magnetic Mount
  • 1 year warranty
Dimension L223 x W72 x H38mm
Power Consumption 25w
Flow Rate 7,000 L/H
Suitable for Aquarium 50-250L
Glass Thickness: Standard 15mm

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