Maxspect "Jump LED" MJ-L165

Sale price£239.99


The MJ-L165 is an innovative Marine & Reef LED Unit from Maxspect's latest range of affordable, yet high quality aquarium equipment. Boasting Wi-fi, cloud based control and a host of useful pre-set lighting schedules, this fully customisable led light unit is perfect for reef aquariums and fish only aquariums, capable of good PAR, coral colour and growth and perfect for highlighting the impressive colours of your fish. Choose from Soft Coral, Mixed Reef, SPS and Fish only pre-set schedules to get the most out of your tank with little fuss.

Maxspect have put a lot of research into these pre-set modes and we recommend them highly. If you prefer complete control of your set up then simply customize your own schedule using the multiple colour channels and timeslots to suit you.

Here at Aquatech we rate these lights highly for both quality and affordability. So much so that we use them over our mixed reef display tank in store. We have ours set to the mixed reef pre-set mode and have simply adjusted the timings to suit store opening hours. We love ours so we are sure you will love yours too :D

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