Micromussa (Acan Lordhowensis)- Green

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The Micromussa, formerly known as Acanthastrea lordhowensis, is a captivating green coral species ideal for reef aquariums. Its compact polyps form vibrant colonies, adding depth and colour to any aquatic landscape. Thriving in moderate lighting and stable water conditions, maintain a temperature range of 23-26°C, salinity between 1.023-1.025, and pH levels of 8.0-8.4. Adequate water flow is essential to prevent debris build-up and ensure nutrient distribution. Regular feeding with planktonic foods enhances its vitality. With proper care, this Micromussa coral flourishes, showcasing its brilliant green hues and contributing to the beauty of your marine environment.

Scientific Name - Micromussa - 'Green'

  • Care Level: Moderately easy to keep
  • Light Level: Moderate to high intensity
  • Flow Level: Moderate
  • Aggression: Not inherently aggressive but should be given ample space as this species may occasionally release sweeping stinger tentacles at night which may sting neighbouring corals.

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