Natural River Gravel (Extra Fine)

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Size: 2kg
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Available in 2kg or 10kg bags.

Enhance the beauty of your aquarium with Aqua One Natural River Gravel Extra Fine, the perfect substrate for a stunning aquatic environment. Meticulously sourced from the UK and expertly graded, this extra-fine gravel creates a natural riverbed appearance, adding authenticity to your underwater landscape. Its smooth texture is gentle on delicate fish fins and promotes a healthy habitat for aquatic plants. With a rich blend of earthy tones, this gravel not only complements vibrant fish colours but also maintains water clarity. Elevate your aquarium aesthetics while supporting aquatic life—choose Aqua One Natural River Gravel Extra Fine for an exquisite, functional, and visually captivating underwater experience. Buy now for a breath-taking aquatic makeover!

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