Natural River Gravel (Med/ Course)

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Size: 2kg
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Available in 2kg or 10kg bags.

This natural river gravel is Medium/Coarse in texture and naturally sourced in the UK. The perfect substrate for vibrant and thriving aquariums. Crafted from premium natural river stones, this gravel not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your tank but also provides a conducive environment for healthy plant growth and happy fish. Although this is not a planting substrate, its medium to coarse texture ensures optimal water circulation and prevents debris build-up, making this the perfect topper for a quality planting substrate, while promoting a cleaner habitat. It is also a perfect stand alone substrate choice for artificially decorated aquariums which do not contain live plants, or lightly planted aquariums with the addition of Plant Root tablets. Unleash the beauty of nature into your aquarium, creating a stunning aquatic landscape that captivates both enthusiasts and aquatic life alike. Elevate your underwater world with Aqua One Natural River Gravel – where beauty meets functionality. Dive in today!

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