Nexus Automatic System

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Model: (PUMP FED)
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Upgrade your Nexus filtration system with the new Nexus Automatic System, advancing Evolution Aqua's legacy of innovation. This system brings automation to your Nexus setup, eliminating the need for manual valve adjustments and pump controls.

Key Features of the Nexus Automatic System:

- Effortless cleaning for Nexus filtration systems
- Fully automates the cleaning process
- Compatible with Nexus filters manufactured post-2006
- Electronic control box automates valve and pump operations
- Adjustable timer for customizable cleaning cycles
- Simple setup for multiple cleaning cycles
- Manual cleaning option available with a touch of a button
- Available in GRAVITY and PUMP FED versions

Automated Cleaning Process:

The Nexus Automatic System manages the entire cleaning cycle automatically. The system operates on a timer, initially set to clean every 3 days but easily adjustable to suit your pond's specific needs. During each cleaning cycle, which lasts approximately 10 minutes, the system efficiently refreshes your filtration system.

Upgrade your Nexus filter today with the Nexus Automatic System for a streamlined and efficient pond maintenance solution. Experience hassle-free cleaning and optimal performance with this cutting-edge upgrade.

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