Nexus Eazy 220+

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Introducing the Evolution Aqua Nexus Eazy 220+, the latest advancement in Koi pond filtration technology. Derived from the esteemed Nexus lineage, this cutting-edge filtration system incorporates innovative features to deliver unparalleled performance.

Enhanced with K+Media in its moving bed outer chamber, the Nexus Eazy 220+ ensures superior biological filtration and accelerated filter maturation. This revolutionary media optimizes the ecosystem within your pond, promoting a healthier environment for your prized Koi.

Moreover, the Nexus Eazy 220+ is "auto ready," pre-equipped with factory-fitted fixings for seamless integration with the Nexus Automatic Cleaning System, offering convenience and ease of use.

- Maximum Pond Size: 18,000 Litres
- Recommended Flow Rate: 6,000 Litres/hr
- Maximum Flow Rate: 10,000 Litres/hr
- Nexus Water Volume: 510 Litres
- K1 Micro in EAZY Filter: 18 Litres
- K+Media in Bio Chamber (Supplied): 50 Litres
- Maximum K+Media Capacity: 150 Litres

Let our experts handle the installation of the Nexus Eazy 220 Filter, providing you with a hassle-free experience. Transform your pond into a pristine environment effortlessly with this cutting-edge filtration system. Request a quote today to elevate your pond care routine.

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