NT Labs Aquarium - Anti-Fluke & Wormer

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Combat internal worms and restore vitality to your fish, especially susceptible species like Discus, with our targeted treatment. Recognize signs of infestation when fish appear lethargic, with clamped fins, a thin appearance, gasping for air, and displaying signs of irritation.

How to use:

1. Maximize aeration in the aquarium for optimal treatment conditions.
2. Thoroughly shake the bottle for at least 30 seconds to ensure effectiveness.
3. Utilize the provided pipette to administer the required dose.
4. If cloudiness occurs, perform a 50% water change until clarity is restored.
5. Repeat treatment weekly for up to 4 doses, if needed.

Warning: This potent treatment may harm snails, shrimps, and other invertebrates. Exercise caution during use.

Restore your fish's health and vitality with our targeted internal worm treatment. Ensure a thriving aquatic environment with our specialized solution.

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