NT Labs Aquarium - Anti-Internal Bacteria

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Combat internal bacterial infections in your aquarium with our targeted treatment, designed to address common culprits such as Pseudomonas, Aeromonas, and Vibrio bacteria. Recognize symptoms including lethargy, clamped fins, loss of appetite, and red blotches on fins or under the body.

How to use:

1. Determine your aquarium volume in litres using our Dosage Calculator or manual calculation.
2. Thoroughly shake the bottle before use for optimal dispersion.
3. Mix the prescribed dose with 1 litre of aquarium water.
4. Gradually introduce the solution into your aquarium.
5. Repeat treatment every other day for up to four applications, as needed.

For enhanced efficacy:

If your aquarium water has a KH of 12 dKH or higher and a pH of 7.5 or above, consider doubling the dosage for maximum effectiveness.

Restore your fish's health and vitality with our specialized bacterial infection treatment. Ensure a thriving aquatic environment with our targeted solution.

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