NT Labs Aquarium - Anti-whitespot & Fungus

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Combat the pesky white spot protozoan parasite with our targeted treatment, specially formulated to eradicate these harmful organisms. Recognize symptoms including small white spots resembling grains of salt, fish displaying signs of irritation and rubbing against aquarium objects, a grey, velvety film covering the body, or cotton wool-like growths on the body, mouth, or fins.

How to use:

1. Determine your aquarium volume in litres using our Dosage Calculator or manual calculation.
2. Thoroughly shake the bottle before use for proper dispersion.
3. Mix the required dose of treatment with 1 litre of aquarium water.
4. Slowly introduce the solution into your aquarium.


Expect the water to turn green upon application, which may also stain skin and clothing. While harmless to fish and filter bacteria, it's advisable to wait for the colour to fade after completing the treatment course before conducting water changes, except in emergencies.

Protect your fish from white spot infestations and maintain a healthy aquatic environment with our effective treatment. Say goodbye to white spot woes and ensure your aquarium thrives with our specialized solution.

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