NT Labs Aquarium - Co2 Boost

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Elevate your aquatic garden with Liquid CO2 Boost, the essential supplement for robust plant growth and algae prevention. Dissolved CO2 is vital for aquatic plants to flourish, and Liquid CO2 Boost ensures your plants receive a consistent carbon supply, fostering vigorous growth while naturally removing algae-inducing nutrients like nitrate and phosphate.

Instructions for optimal use:

  1. Calculate your aquarium volume in litres (length x width x depth (in cm)/1000).
  2. Dose: Following water changes and initially, add 2 pumps per 25 litres. Subsequently, administer a daily dosage of 1 pump per 25 litres.
  3. Unlock the dispenser and press down on the pump to dispense.
  4. For superior results, combine with Plant Boost to provide essential trace elements and micronutrients vital for healthy plant development.

Transform your aquarium into a thriving aquatic paradise with Liquid CO2 Boost. Enhance plant growth and maintain pristine water quality effortlessly. Invest in your aquatic haven today!


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