NT Labs Aquarium - Disease Solve

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Keep your aquatic companions healthy and thriving with Disease Solve, the ultimate solution for controlling disease-causing pathogens in your aquarium. While these harmful agents may lurk unnoticed, Disease Solve ensures your fish remain symptom-free and vibrant. Plus, it doubles as a disinfectant for live foods, safeguarding against disease introduction.

Usage instructions:

1. Determine your aquarium volume in litres using Length x Width x Depth/1,000 or our convenient Dosage Calculator.
2. Prior to application, shake the bottle thoroughly to ensure uniform mixing.
3. Mix the required treatment dose with 1 litre of aquarium water.
4. Add the solution slowly to your aquarium.
5. After 7 days, replace 1/3 of the water, continuing weekly changes until the green colour dissipates.

Expect green-coloured aquarium water post-application, indicating the presence of active ingredients. This hue typically lasts a week. Following treatment completion, remove any remaining colour through partial water changes or Activated Carbon use. Trust Disease Solve for a pristine and healthy aquatic environment.

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